Office Tile & Grout Cleaning in Miami Lakes 305-631-5757

Video of a tile and grout cleaning we did in an office in the Miami Lakes area. You can see how our deep cleaning is able to remove years of dirt embedded in this floor. Our powerful cleaning process can easily remove all dirt from your ceramic tile and grout.

Give us a call today to schedule a FREE no obligation estimate or to set up a cleaning appointment 305-631-5757 to learn more about our professional tile and grout cleaning process visit our website Tile & Grout Cleaning

We service all areas in Miami Dade and some parts of Broward let us bring more years of usable life to your ceramic tile and grout floors.

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Check out our latest reviews from our customers!

Check out what our customers have to say about our carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning services we provided to them.

This testimonial below is from a customer that needed a deep carpet cleaning service in her apartment in Brickell.

This other testimonial is from a customer that his son had an accident and stained the mattress, see what he has to say.

And last but not least of the most recent testimonials from our customers. We cleaned her mattress and a rug, see what she said of our mattress and rug cleaning service.

If you are looking to get your carpet, upholstery, rug, mattress, or your tile and grout professionally cleaned call Top Steamer today 305-631-5757 FREE estimates. Visit our website today for more information about our carpet cleaning services

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Pictures: Before and After Carpet Cleaning in Brickell Apartment

Carpet Cleaning Brickell
Carpet Cleaning in Brickell

Before and after of a carpet cleaning service provided in the Brickell area. Two years without a professional cleaning made the carpet look dull and heavily soiled. Carpet is like a big filter in your home and it requires professional cleaning at least once a year depending how many people lives in the house, pets and amount of traffic.

A professional cleaning of your carpet will remove accumulated dirt that regular vacuuming won’t removed and get rid of stains and spots. We use a deep cleaning process to provide you with the most thorough carpet cleaning service in Brickell or any other area of Miami Dade.

Call us to set up your appointment today 305-631-5757 no hidden charges, no bait and switch tactics, absolutely no low price scams, we are the real deal.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Doral
Leather Sofa Cleaning Doral

In the picture above we are providing leather sofa cleaning for a customer in Doral another company told the client it was too dirty and it couldn’t get any cleaner. We were able to get clean and customer was happy with the results. We also provide upholstery cleaning services in Doral and all areas of Miami Dade.

Call us to get a FREE no obligation estimate, a professional cleaning of your couches will remove embedded dirt from regular use, many stains, pet hair and odor. Visit our website to learn more about our Upholstery Cleaning in Doral.

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Is Carpet a Cause of Increase Allergies and Asthma in Your Home?

Is Carpet a Cause of Increase Allergies and Asthma in Your Home?
Is Carpet a Cause of Increase Allergies and Asthma in Your Home?

The Facts about Carpet and Asthma and Allergy for Healthcare Administrators and Facility Managers

Despite the perception, here is the reality when it comes to carpet and asthma and allergy symptoms: Research shows that carpet is better at controlling allergens and better at reducing symptoms than other flooring alternatives.

What You Should Know

There is no scientific study linking the rise of allergy and asthma to the use of carpet. Indeed, several studies actually disprove any correlation.

A 15-year Swedish study found no link between carpet usage and the incidence of allergy or asthma. In fact, when carpet usage in Sweden decreased by 70 percent, allergy reactions in the general population increased by 30 percent.

Also, an 18-nation study of nearly 20,000 people found a statistical relationship between carpeted bedrooms and reduced asthma symptoms and bronchial responsiveness.

A possible explanation: carpet acts like a filter, trapping allergens away from the breathing zone so they can be removed through proper vacuuming and deep cleaning extraction. For best results removing pollutants trapped in carpet, use CRI Seal of Approval vacuums and CRI Seal of Approval cleaning products and systems. Find out more at

Since properly maintained carpets do not exacerbate allergy and asthma –and may even reduce symptoms – you should feel comfortable recommending carpet for healthcare facilities.

Your air conditioning filter should be replaced or cleaned periodically to keep it functioning properly and good indoor air quality, same applies for the carpet. Carpet works as a filter and needs periodic professional deep cleaning to remove excess dust particles, dirt, pet dander, dust mites and to prolong its duration.

Call Top Steamer today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment 305-631-5757 visit our website for more information about our carpet cleaning services in Miami.

Find out more about the myths and truths about carpet.

Article courtesy of the Carpet and Rug Institute CRI™

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Microfiber Sofa Cleaning in Kendall 305-631-5757

Sofa Cleaner in Kendall
Microfiber Sofa Cleaning in Kendall

Expert professional microfiber sofa cleaning in Kendall. With our powerful deep sofa cleaning process utilizing state of the art equipment and cleaning products we can remove all dirt from your sofas.

Our cleaning process includes the following steps:

  • Vacuuming of upholstery
  • Pre-conditioner
  • Hand and Mechanical scrubbing (special upholstery scrubbing brushes)
  • Spot and Stain Treatments
  • Hot Water Extraction

We provide our professional sofa cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. Call us to set up an appointment 305-631-5757 or for a FREE no obligation estimate.

With over 10 years of providing excellent sofa cleaning services in Kendall and all Miami Dade areas. Call us today you won’t believe the difference.

Visit our website for more information Kendall Sofa Cleaner we also provide sofa cleaning services in Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Perrine, Cutler Bay, Key Biscayne, Doral, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Miami Beach, Biscayne Park.

Top Steamer℠

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Video: Tile and Grout Cleaning in Miami Lakes

Video demonstration of a tile and grout cleaning we provided a customer in her Miami Lakes apartment. We use a powerful 3 step deep cleaning process to remove all dirt from years of use.

Give us a call today to set up your appointment or for a FREE no obligation estimate 305-631-5757 we are your local tile and grout cleaning company in Miami Lakes.

Visit our website for more information about our tile and grout cleaning service Tile Cleaning Doral

Top Steamer, Inc.

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Video: Carpet Cleaning Hallandale Beach 305-631-5757

Short video clip of a carpet cleaning service we provided a customer in Hallandale Beach. Carpet wasn’t cleaned for years, check the amazing before and after in the video.

We provide professional carpet cleaning services in:
* Apartments
* Houses
* Offices
* Commercial locations

Call us today to set up an appointment 305-631-5757 or visit our website for more information

Carpet cleaning services in Hallandale Beach. Upholstery, mattress and rug cleaning services also available.

Top Steamer, Inc.

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Memory Foam Mattress Cleaning in Pinecrest

These are pictures of a memory foam mattress we cleaned for a customer in the Pinecrest area. The pet accidentally urinated on the mattress while they were out-of-town. They try cleaning and removing the stains but made a bigger stain.

Mattress Before Cleaning
Memory Foam Mattress Before Cleaning

The picture above is before the cleaning. When pet accidents happen is best to use a white towel and press it on where the pet urinated. The urine will transfer to the towel repeat this process as necessary.

Don’t try to remove the urine or clean it yourself with conventional products, which are not made specifically for treating pet odor or removing urine stains. You can create an even bigger stain as you see in the picture above, and in worst scenario make a permanent stain on the mattress.

you should call a professional mattress cleaning company to extract, treat stain and urine odor. See the picture below how we were able to remove all stains and treat the urine odor on this memory foam mattress.

After Mattress Cleaning
Memory Foam Mattress After Cleaning

Call Top Steamer to get your mattress professionally clean today 305-631-5757 visit our website for more information about our mattress cleaning service Mattress Cleaning in Pinecrest

We provide our mattress cleaning services in all Miami Dade area.


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How to Effectively Vacuum Your Carpet For a Longer Lasting Cleaner Carpet!

Lady Vacuuming Carpet
Lady Vacuuming Carpet


Vacuuming by the CRI Carpet & Rug Institute.

Proper vacuuming is the easiest and most effective way to keep your carpet clean. It may come as a surprise that something as simple as regular vacuuming can also have the largest impact on the air you breathe.

Removing loose soil while it remains on the carpet surface prevents dirt from being ground into the carpet pile and can help preserve the cushiness of your carpet. Keep in mind green cleaning starts with vacuuming.

How to vacuum

On carpet, use slow, repetitive front-to-back motions in an overlapping sequence. A quick once over doesn’t do much. On the other hand, don’t press down or make too many passes over the same spot. Instead, move slightly to the left or right about every four strokes.

To get the most out of your vacuuming regime, remember these few easy tips:

  • When vacuuming, don’t ignore those corners and crevices where dust builds.
  • “Top-down” cleaning saves you the step of vacuuming again after dusting. Dust blinds, windowsills, and furniture surfaces first and then vacuum away any fallen dust.
  • Remember to remove and replace or empty vacuum bags when they are half to two-thirds full.

Setting the right vacuuming frequency

As a rule of thumb, you should vacuum at least once a week with a CRI Seal of Approval/Green Label vacuum cleaner. However, the more foot traffic over your carpet, the more you need to vacuum.

The general formula is:

  • Vacuum daily in high-traffic or pet areas.
  • Vacuum twice weekly in medium-traffic areas.
  • Vacuum weekly in light-traffic areas, using attachments at carpet edges.

If you follow these vacuuming frequency guidelines  and with a professional carpet cleaning once a year, you can prolong the useful life of your carpet.

Call Top Steamer to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment today 305-631-5757 visit our website for more information about our carpet cleaning services

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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Miami Gardens

From time to time we like sharing pictures of our work to let potential clients see the quality of our work and make an educated decision before hiring a carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Miami Gardens
Carpet Cleaning Miami Gardens

The picture above is from a rental apartment. The owner of the apartment had tenants that lived in the apartment for almost three years with out cleaning the carpet once.

After a quick walk through with the client, we told him what the expectation will be after cleaning.

First we did a thorough vacuuming to remove dry soil, sand, and all debris that was on the carpet. Secondly we applied a special formulated pre-conditioner to loosen embedded dirt specially on the high traffic areas. We proceeded to give all the carpet a deep scrubbing with our CRB machine. This agitation process helps the pre-conditioner performed better and lift as much dirt from the fibers as possible. Lastly we hot water extracted the carpet that left the carpet sparkling clean as you can see in the picture above the before and after difference.

We provided this carpet cleaning in Miami Gardens and the client saved hundreds of dollars on a new carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning Miami Gardens
Upholstery Cleaning Miami Gardens

Amazing before and after picture of a couch cleaning in Miami Gardens. This sofa wasn’t cleaned in years, you can tell what a difference!!!

We got a call for a customer interested in getting the upholstery clean in her house, she mention the couches are lived by five people and pets.

As a last resource she opted to get the couches cleaned and we were able to save the sofas we our deep upholstery cleaning service, it was a challenge.

First we vacuumed and brush off all pet hair, dust and debris on the sofas. We then proceeded to apply a specialize upholstery pre-conditioner with a dwelling time of ten minutes. We agitated all areas with special upholstery brushes to loosen all dirt from the couches. Thirdly we hot water extracted all the couches with a PH-balanced rinse and we were able to bring this sofa back to life.

See the incredible before and after difference during the hot water extraction cleaning process.

If you need to get your carpet or upholstery cleaned in Miami Gardens call us to set up your appointment or for a FREE no obligation estimate 305-631-5757 visit our website for more information about our carpet and upholstery cleaning services Couch Cleaning.

Top Steamer, Inc.

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