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Limpieza de Tapetes en Doral
Limpieza de Alfombra en Doral

Proveemos limpieza profesional de alfombra en Doral utilizamos un sistema de extracción con agua caliente y detergentes que ayuda a remover toda la suciedad, manchas, polvo, acaro, bacterias y mucho mas.

Contamos con maquinaria y productos de alta calidad para brindarle con la mejor limpieza de alfombra en su casa o apartamento en el Doral. Llame para una cotización gratis y sin compromiso 305-631-5757.

Nuestra gama de servicios de limpieza incluye limpieza de tapetes, limpieza de colchones, limpieza de muebles, limpieza de pisos de cerámica, limpieza de alfombra en casas o apartamentos y locales comerciales.

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How Clean is Your Carpet?

Do you walk with your shoes on the carpet?
Do you walk with your shoes on the carpet?

Is Your Carpet Really Clean?

Your carpet may appear to look clean but do you actually know how clean is your carpet?

Do you remove your shoes before walking on the carpet? If not you could be bringing into your indoor hundreds units of bacteria that with poor maintained carpet it can turn into millions units of bacteria.

You may start cleaning your carpet or floors professionally more frequently after reading this instead of postponing it.

Bacteria Found on Shoes

Did you know that toilet seats generally have approximately 1,000 bacteria or less?

A research conducted by the University of Arizona professors found nine different species of bacteria on the bottom of peoples shoes.

These type of bacteria can cause infections in our stomachs, eyes and lungs. Imagine walking in the streets, going into public bathrooms, parks and many other public places and walking on the carpet with the same shoes? You could be bringing thousands of bacteria and even feces from animals or public restrooms.

Almost up to 90 percent of the time bacteria gets transferred into hard floors imagine on carpet.

The study found that bacteria actually lives longer on our shoe soles than in other places.

Carpet harbors bacteria even more than hard floors. There could be up to 8,000,000 units of bacteria per shoe. Carpet acts as a filter for dust, mold spores, pollen, dirt and pesticides particles which can originate indoors or brought in from outside.

Following a frequent and effective vacuuming routine can help remove much of these particles. Professional carpet cleaning with a hot water extraction method commonly know as steam cleaning is recommended at least twice a year to remove the rest of particles from the carpet and maintain a clean indoor air quality.

Studies indicates that poorly maintained carpet releases significant quantities of particles in the air through out daily activity. When was the last time you cleaned your carpet? Call Top Steamer℠ to schedule a professional carpet cleaning 305-631-5757 let us beautify your carpet with our powerful deep cleaning process, you’ll enjoy walking barefoot on your carpet again.

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Top Steamer Carpet Cleaning Process

Need a professional cleaning of your carpet in your house or office? See in this video demonstration the steps we utilize to provide our customers with a thorough deep carpet cleaning service.

We have absolutely no hidden charges, no bait and switch tactics, no low price scams, we are proud to be an honest carpet cleaning company in Miami.

Call us to set up your appointment 305-631-5757. For more information about our carpet cleaning and our other services visit our website today

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Check out our latest reviews from our customers!

Check out what our customers have to say about our carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning services we provided to them.

This testimonial below is from a customer that needed a deep carpet cleaning service in her apartment in Brickell.

This other testimonial is from a customer that his son had an accident and stained the mattress, see what he has to say.

And last but not least of the most recent testimonials from our customers. We cleaned her mattress and a rug, see what she said of our mattress and rug cleaning service.

If you are looking to get your carpet, upholstery, rug, mattress, or your tile and grout professionally cleaned call Top Steamer today 305-631-5757 FREE estimates. Visit our website today for more information about our carpet cleaning services

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Is Carpet a Cause of Increase Allergies and Asthma in Your Home?

Is Carpet a Cause of Increase Allergies and Asthma in Your Home?
Is Carpet a Cause of Increase Allergies and Asthma in Your Home?

The Facts about Carpet and Asthma and Allergy for Healthcare Administrators and Facility Managers

Despite the perception, here is the reality when it comes to carpet and asthma and allergy symptoms: Research shows that carpet is better at controlling allergens and better at reducing symptoms than other flooring alternatives.

What You Should Know

There is no scientific study linking the rise of allergy and asthma to the use of carpet. Indeed, several studies actually disprove any correlation.

A 15-year Swedish study found no link between carpet usage and the incidence of allergy or asthma. In fact, when carpet usage in Sweden decreased by 70 percent, allergy reactions in the general population increased by 30 percent.

Also, an 18-nation study of nearly 20,000 people found a statistical relationship between carpeted bedrooms and reduced asthma symptoms and bronchial responsiveness.

A possible explanation: carpet acts like a filter, trapping allergens away from the breathing zone so they can be removed through proper vacuuming and deep cleaning extraction. For best results removing pollutants trapped in carpet, use CRI Seal of Approval vacuums and CRI Seal of Approval cleaning products and systems. Find out more at

Since properly maintained carpets do not exacerbate allergy and asthma –and may even reduce symptoms – you should feel comfortable recommending carpet for healthcare facilities.

Your air conditioning filter should be replaced or cleaned periodically to keep it functioning properly and good indoor air quality, same applies for the carpet. Carpet works as a filter and needs periodic professional deep cleaning to remove excess dust particles, dirt, pet dander, dust mites and to prolong its duration.

Call Top Steamer today to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment 305-631-5757 visit our website for more information about our carpet cleaning services in Miami.

Find out more about the myths and truths about carpet.

Article courtesy of the Carpet and Rug Institute CRI™

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Carpet Cleaning Before and After Pictures in Miami Dade

The picture below is of a carpet cleaning we provided a customer in the Miami Beach area. You can see how our deep cleaning process removes all dirt from the carpet leaving a much cleaner and healthier carpet.

Limpieza de Alfombra Miami Beach
Limpieza de Alfombra Miami Beach

Do you have any rental properties, office buildings that need professional carpet cleaning call Top Steamer today 305-631-5757 visit our website to schedule your appointment or to learn more from our services

Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables
Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables

The picture above is from a carpet cleaning performed in an apartment in Coral Gables for a client. See the before and after difference and see for your self how our deep cleaning process removes all dirt form the carpet.

Call us today we service all Miami Dade County and some areas in South Broward 305-631-5757.

January Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Specials

Carpet Cleaner Miami
Start Fresh This New Year With Clean Carpet.

The first month of the new year and we wish all Miami Dade area residents to have a great year. We have posted this month carpet and upholstery cleaning specials.

Start the new year fresh with cleaner carpet and upholstery. Call us to set up an appointment 305-631-5757 or you can schedule your appointment online just click on the following link Book Online

We also have specials for rug cleaning, mattress cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. Get your coupons today Carpet Cleaning Specials

Don’t miss out take advantage of our specials and get your home sparkling clean this new year.

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